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Costs $$

I’ve heard many people say, “You get what you pay for.” Well, I plan to give you MORE than what you pay for. I charge what it is worth to me and not a penny more. I WANT my services to be affordable to everyone who wishes them, and I don’t believe in sliding scales where the rich pay more than the poor. Everyone pays the bottom price and everyone pays. If everyone pays, then I can afford to keep my prices down. I DO, however, offer something special to returning clients. There is no inflation for you. Your price is locked in on your first delivery (not including any discounts or credits you might have receive, but based on what I was charging at the time). You will always pay that same price, no matter what I am charging everyone else. This price is NOT passed down to your children.

Current prices are as follows:

Full midwife services with HOME delivery including – Travel to birth, prenatal care, birth care and post partum care for mother and baby – $2,600

Full midwife services with delivery at “The Birth SWEET” Maternity Center – including facility, birthing supplies and linens, water birth tub liner and supplies, prenatal care, birth care and post partum care for mother and baby, drinks and food (birthing parents only) AND my delicious after birth fruit smoothie! – $3,000

Available at no extra charge – Supplies that I might use, such as gloves, resuscitation equipment, oxygen, herbs, medications, vit K shot, eye prophylaxis, antibiotics etc. Newborn testing, including CCHD, Hearing test, Birth Certificate filing and ordering the Social Security number

Not covered in my fees – Any outside expenses such as appointments with other practitioners, Ultra-sound, lab fees, diapers and all other costs involved with raising your child. (Remember, I just help you get them here)

Miscellaneous costs, not covered:

  • Rhogam – MY market price – usually about $125
  • Routine Ultrasound with radiologist reading – $200 (extra fee added for cc payment)
  • Routine OB panel blood work – $175
  • Group B Strep Culture – $40
  • Five Week herbal formula – $20
  • New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamins, 3 month supply – $50
  • NB Metabolic Screening (PKU) kit – $110 (purchased online)
  • Birth supply kit for home birth – $45 plus shipping

Note: I don’t charge for out of town travel, BUT I don’t come back for post partum home visits if you live more than 45 miles from me (I just can’t, sorry). These check ups are done over the phone or at my location, OR in some cities, I can send a post partum doula to your home for an extra $50

I accept Cash, Check, Venmo and Credit Cards (3% added fee for cc)