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Elizabeth Smith, LDEM, CPM

Serving women and families in the Greater St. George Area

Midwifery Services

The choice of who attends the birth of your child is a special one, and I look forward to meeting with you to help you make that important decision. As a midwife, I am interested not only in your current physical progress in pregnancy, but how you are doing in all aspects of your life. I will be available to you anytime to discuss concerns, questions or worries you have.

Philosophy of Childbirth

I believe that birth is a sacred, miraculous transformation from one realm to another. It is both physical and spiritual.

It is divinely created to be a perfect, safe and strengthening process. Babies are very aware, sensitive, intelligent beings and must be treated with tender loving care.

Imprinting and bonding are real; and interfering with either may cause lifelong emotional damage to both mother and baby.

Satsfied Clients

Hear from some of Liz’s clients on their pregnancy and birth experiences and their interactions with her as a midwife.

Contact Liz

Elizabeth Smith, LDEM, CPM | St. George, Utah | 435-673-9898

Founded October 2010, The Birth Sweet is a cooperative effort of a Cyndi Johnson, a certified nurse-midwife and Liz Smith, a certified professional midwife. After many discussions, they found there was more common ground than differences and their joint efforts gave birth to a beautiful birthing suite. Now, Liz’s client can choose between a home birth or a birthing suite birth at The Birth Sweet.