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I am writing to say a much belated thank you.  I have always known that you are an amazing midwife. It was no secret to me when you helped me deliver my children, and I am still singing your praises. I have loved you the whole time, knowing you made it possible for me to do something amazing, and hard. However, I recently had the honor of attending my best friends birth at a birthing center here in Idaho.  She chose to have a natural birth, and as I was the only person she knew who had done it, she asked me to attend and be her supporter. I re-assured her fears about child birth, and encouraged her to trust her body and her midwife to help her through the experience. My own births were the only ones I have ever been a part of, and I was naive to just how much difference a good midwife can make.

Unfortunately, my friends experience was not a great one. I ultimately ended up being the most proactive person in the room and we transferred to the hospital after 30 hours of intense labor. It was frustrating to me to see her midwives stand by and do little more than check baby’s heart rate every hour. I wanted to call you; I wanted to teleport you here to help us.  As I helped my friend through each contraction, I kept thinking….. “what would Liz do?”  I attempted to channel my women’s intuition in a way I never had to before. Luckily, my friend and her baby are both okay and now resting at home following a 40 hour labor and 3 day hospital stay. I was exhausted beyond words; much more exhausted than I was following my own births!

When I finally made it back home and told my husband the story, he said, “Liz would have had that baby delivered the day before.” It’s true. I remember back to my own struggles with labor and how you solved each problem. You kept me in effective positions, you ensured baby’s head was engaged; you were an active part of allowing me to have natural, vaginal births. I firmly believe I would have ended up with C-sections with both my children if you hadn’t been my midwife. My babies never seemed to let down, and it was trial and error to get me into a position that allowed them to descend appropriately. I just can’t thank you enough for what you did for my family. I tear up as I think about your contribution to my life.   My husband and I have said many times that if we ever end up pregnant again, we will have to move back to St. George so we can go to Liz.


I would never pass up the chance to tell the world how blessed, grateful, lucky our family is to Liz Smith, our midwife.
She is very educated in midwifery. She has a way of really making us feel completely comfortable that we are going to be taken care of when we are bringing another child into the world.

We have had our first four children with her and were expecting our fifth child and were using her again. We truly love her and know we are in the best of hands with her.

We love you, Liz!

Amanda B.

Liz is the most incredible midwife I have ever met!

My oldest child is now 7 and while I was pregnant we had started off with a traditional doctor, but the farther along I got the more nervous I got.

My sister had used Liz and encouraged me to meet with her. I desperately wanted to–but my husband was a skeptic, he thought of a midwife as some one who would show up with a pair of scissors and a sponge….I convinced him to attend one of Liz’s monthly meetings and by the time it was over he had tears in his eyes and told me that he KNEW she was the one who needed to deliver our baby girl.

Anna was born Feb. 25th weighing 8 lbs 10 oz and I must say everything went so much better then I could have ever dreamed possible.

Liz also delivered our other daughter Jessica who is now 5 weighing in at 7 lbs 7 oz and of course Liz amazed us again; Jessica decided to come posterior and Liz just knew so many tricks and ways to relieve the discomfort that I really didn’t feel anything more then I did the first time around.

Now that we are expecting again, we of course are seeing Liz, in my opinion there is no one better any where in Southern Utah.
Thank you for a wonderful birthing experience!