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Imprinting and bonding are real; and interfering with either may cause lifelong emotional damage to both mother and baby.

I believe that birth is a sacred, miraculous transformation from one realm to another.

It is both physical and spiritual. It is divinely created to be a perfect, safe and strengthening process.

Babies are very aware, sensitive, intelligent beings and must be treated with tender loving care.

During natural childbirth a woman will experience both the most uncomfortable sensations and the most beautiful sensations she will ever feel;  all necessary to experiencing  the fulness of joy.

Epidurals may numb the pain, but they will also numb the pure pleasure of giving birth, not to mention interfering with other natural advantages and posing added risk to both mother and baby.

Why give up the most amazing feeling a woman will ever have the priviledge of experiencing, just to relieve a few moments of pain that will soon be forgotten?  Pain in childbirth is not like other types of pain.

Although it can be overwhelming without the proper moral and physical support, it is totally doable and satisfying with proper preparation, the right atmosphere and the right kind of help, especially from an expert who has helped hundreds of women give birth naturally; AND has experienced it herself (8 wonderful times!)


I believe ANY woman who has the desire can achieve natural childbirth and benefit greatly from it, as long as there are no structural problems and she has the proper support.  I believe that different physical pain tolerance levels are basically a myth.

It is all about understanding the process and believing in yourself.  In other words, even the biggest “wimp” can have a happy and satisfying natural childbirth experience.  (Of course, I don’t believe in “wimps” although we all have a right to “wimp out” once in a while)

Although hospitals have their place, at least 90% of women should give birth at home.

I believe that for most women, home birth, with a qualified attendant, is the safest birth option.