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About Me

After experiencing my first home birth with my third child, I felt the spiritual calling to become a midwife. Prior to that, my ambition had always been to be a nurse. I later learned that I had come from a long blood line of prominent midwives and that my life’s journey had guided me here.

After years of home study and two years of college nursing classes, I began my apprenticeship in November of 1985.

Successful Births

Breech Babies

Sets of Twins

Years Delivering Babies

I cannot think of any textbook complication that I have not dealt with.

I love people, expecially babies. I love doing what is right, being involved in a great cause. I love the fulfillment of seeing parents bond with their babies and the joy they feel in their home births.

I love the “love” and lasting friendships. I love the relationship I have developed with my Father in Heaven.

I love how midwifery has meshed well with motherhood, allowing me to work mostly from home, to pack along nursing babies when I ventured out, which was mostly at night while the other children slept.

I am also thankful for many understanding clients who allowed me to do double duty when necessary, like explaining to a teenager over the phone, how to prepare a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, while at the same time putting hot towels on a laboring woman’s back.

As seasons change, those busy days are past and my second set of hands is no longer needed, but I feel so blessed in contemplating how I helped them (my clients) to accomplish their goals; and they helped me to accomplish mine.

I have grown in my understanding of God and truth. I have learned much from the many people with whom I have been privileged to associate.

Midwifery has made me stronger in every way. I have learned that I CAN love anyone through service.

I have been blessed beyond measure.

I look forward to many more years and many more babies!